Today was an uncharacteristically rainy day in Jo’burg – not the afternoon thundershower type of rain that we love but the persistent rain from dawn to dusk. (Ironic then that a newspaper poster shouted ‘Drought to continue’ from the street poles!) However, asides from a change in wardrobe, this did not affect my plan for the day, which was to go with Mom to the airways office to try, for the tenth time, to finalise the booking for Husband and my round-the-world trip – an exercise that has proved much harder than expected, with 100’s of permutations and eventualities to consider. (How I would have done this if I was still working, I do not know.) Luckily, Mom has befriended one of the assistants at the offices (most likely when planning all her trips to visit you two) and he was so helpful that I actually made some progress … and at least 26 152 miles of our trip have been booked! It’s always pleasing to come across these sorts of people who are excellent at their jobs, no matter what it is, and take great pride in what they do. Although the flight plan is by no means fail-safe – we are particularly concerned about a 50 minute connection time from landing in Charlotte to get to our Miami connection – I am pleased with the progress that I made and feel that once I have the tickets, the countdown will truly begin.