Apparently I am moving in the right circles … Today I shopped with Karl Lagerfeld. Perhaps the word “shopped” is an exaggeration, I more stood next to him or actually, I am trying to be honest here, I saw him in the corner of the shop that I was in and we were within about two meters of each other. I think that any closer I would have looked like a stalker and although photos, autographs, etc. etc. did enter my mind I decided to take the approach of “I know who he is, but really so what, I see these sorts of people and mix in these circles all the time”. Realistically though, I don’t.

BUT at 18.00 on Wednesday in Paris he and I were in the same shop. His designs are sold in it and I ogle over the things in it, which I can’t afford. He wore his black too tight suit (I saw more him than one would have expected in this situation, yes the suit is that tight), his grey hair tied back in a ponytail and his sunglasses on, I wore H&M jeans and a Woolies T-shirt. He has the security guards looking out for him and as I pull out my cell phone to excitedly text my family members the same security guards checked I was not taking a photo! I didn’t want to leave and seriously contemplated staying … perhaps he would come up to me and say, “You, you normal sized, H&M wearing, no make up girl, you will be my next model and my inspiration and have any fashion job you would like”. But once again I decided to be realistic (way more boring) and headed out, after taking one more glance … (to give him a second chance!).

Suddenly I feel an excitement about this city, as I strolled home through the Jardin des Tuileries, I feel that this is what Paris is suppose to be and after all Karl Lagerfeld, wearing his signature attire, is in Paris … how can one not find it fabulous? Although it does bother me somewhat that I have gotten so excited about a 69 year old man in too tight pants!