Today, an unforeseen problem arose from having three sisters living in three different cities on three different continents with three different languages. (I know they technically speak English in America, however, it is not the same as the ‘Queen’s English’ that we tend to use in South Africa.) So as Middle child and Little one get accustomed to their languages, I suppose it was inevitable that we would experience some confusion along the way. Since ‘travel’ is a key theme in my life at the moment it was only a matter of time until I used the word ‘travelling’ (actually in the invite for our bon voyage party, which I sent to my sisters for comment). A short while later, Middle child sent me an instant message informing me that I had spelt ‘travelling’ incorrectly and that it is actually ‘traveling’, i.e. with one ‘l’. I was shocked and surprised as I have always prided myself in being an excellent speller. Little one was unable to comment as spelling is not one of her top talents. I asked Husband, ‘Can you believe traveling is spelt with one l? I mean hopping has two p’s and running and two n’s. Why then is there only one ‘l’ in travelling?’ As I was preparing to edit the invite I thought I would consult my New Pocket Oxford English Dictionary only to discover that in our own world’s we were both correct. English people spell travelling with two l’s but it is noted that in the US it is spelt with one l! I am sure there will be many more spelling debates between three sisters speaking English, American and French!