As you know, Husband and I just spent a week skiing in San Martin de los Andes in Argentina, which was a great ‘break’ in our trip. People-watching on the slopes is almost as fun as from a sidewalk cafe and I really had a few giggle while I made my way along the snow …

– No matter how much effort you put into choosing a ski outfit, it is really hard to look slim and/or glam in padded ski pants and/or goggles and/or a beanie that covers your ears as well as head … not to mention the ski-boot walk.

– You might think you look ‘experto’ (as they say here) and be confidently ‘carving’ but then, out of the blue and just to bring you right back down to the chilly earth (literally), you fall – and I have yet to see a graceful ski fall – and generally slide down the slope losing skis and/or poles and/or items of clothing, but definitely sense of humour, along the way.

– Ski freeze is a very real medical phenomenon that occurs when your legs and coordination stop working as you realise you are in way over your head on a treacherous red or black slope and there is no way down but to ski down … thank goodness for snow plough.

– Large groups of people dressed in matching ski outfits are not conducive to seamless skiing as one of them will always be falling of the ski lifts or lying across your path, invariably annoying everyone but carrying on completely obivious to the chaos they leave in their wake.

– People hate queues be it for ski passes or lifts and there will always be those that push in and/or shove from behind and/or jostle for position.

– Kids have no fear and while I am shaking in my boots on a steep downhill they come screaming past in packs, jumping and shouting for joy … other than the common lone one at the back with tears running down his cheeks, screaming for mommy. This makes me think – when do we gain a sense of fear? Is it when it suddenly looks a lot further to the ground than when you’re 3 foot?

– Teenagers travel in packs, enough said.

– At the end of each day, after hours of skiing and feeling cold we all love the feeling of taking of those darn boots and savouring a warm hot chocolate. Aaahhh!