I’m getting married!!! The wedding is in September. It is mid February right now. And while that sounds almost-a-year away, 192 days does not feel too long to, well, plan EVERYTHING!!! Invitations to design, music to book, favors to make, food to decide on, chairs to find, places to reserve. Not to mention a dress to buy!

I am missing not being in Jo’burg for the planning with you, my troop of slaves/sisters/bridesmaid. Part of me conjures up images of us paging through magazines long into the night, giggling over dreadful ideas, collaborating over craft production, group cake-tastings, dress trials. Not to mention all the planning with the groom-to be: learning to dance, food tasting, musician testing… However, beyond the emotional tie, New York must be one of the greatest cities to be a bride-to-be. From trunk shows to countless bridal expos, deisgners at your finger tips, every vendor for every wish you can conjure up, an entire industry created for no-expense-spared weddings.  While I certainly do not fall into the latter category, the extensiveness of wedding frenzy in New York is almost palatable.

My fellow engaged work mate and I watched Bride Wars somewhat ceremoniously. The same engaged-mate and I attended The Wedding Party at the Palace Hotel, a mind boggling expo of all things wedding, from fashion shows to gelato carts, calligraphers and cakes. I realized engaged-mate and I are becoming bride-nerds when we signed up for a Victoria Secret focus group to discuss underwear and find out “what type of bride are you”. Flirty, natural or traditional? All brides of the world can be boxed into three categories. Nonetheless, we walked away with generous voucher so we were smiling.

This weekend marks my debut into the world of THE dress hunt. Accompanied by mom, we are paying visits to designers, salons and more designers in order to find THE one (read find THE one that mother-of-the-bride-to-be is going to make). I approach this weekend with much excitement and a fair does of anxiety. I mean, the dress is everything right? Well, no, not everything, but I am secretly hoping I will experience a similar legendary “When I met him I just knew” that I felt for the groom-to-be.